Letter of Intent

DOWNFI~1A Letter of Intent is one of the most important documents that comprise a comprehensive estate plan to care for your special needs loved one after you are gone or no longer physically able to assist with care. A Letter of Intent is intended to help the people that will be caring for your child become aware of your child’s needs and desires, what he or she likes and dislikes and what is being done to assist the child currently. It communicates your values and as well as your hopes and desires for your child. Our office will prepare your Letter of Intent if you have an estate plan prepared by our law firm. If you decide not have a comprehensive estate plan done by our law firm, you should prepare a Letter of Intent on your own. It is not a formal legal document, but it will be heavily relied on by the person(s) caring for your special needs loved one. By compiling this information you will be giving future care providers the knowledge and insight they will need to provide the best possible care – they will not have to waste precious time learning how to manage and care for your child.

This is not an easy document to prepare. Writing the Letter of Intent will give rise to many emotions that will be difficult to deal with. However, all parents of special needs children should go through this very difficult process to ensure a well planned future for their special needs child. Once you participate with our law firm in creating your Letter of Intent and craft one on your own, you will feel a great sense of relief. But that is not the end of the process – you should review your Letter of Intent every few years to update it for changes in your life as well as your special needs child’s life.

The Letter of Intent should address at least the following points:

  • Family history
  • General overview of your child’s condition
  • Medical information, including names and contact information for doctors, hospitals, therapists, social workers, caregivers, etc…
  • Any behavior management programs your child participates in
  • Your child’s goals and desires, likes and dislikes
  • Your child’s financial condition, including a summary of any government assistance your child is currently entitled to or may be entitled to in the future
  • Education of your child
  • Your child’s current residential environment and plans for the future
  • Possibilities for employment of your child
  • Your child’s social activities
  • Your child’s religious beliefs and activities
  • Final arrangements for your child
  • Other Information Include any other information you feel will help the person caring for your child provide the best possible care

If you will not be having your Letter of Intent prepared by our law firm, you can download a sample form provided by MassMutual Financial Group. While a Letter of Intent is a good first step in assuring that your special needs loved one will be cared for after your death or disability, we recommend you consider having a Life Care Plan professionally prepared for your child. You can learn more about Life Care Planning for Special Needs Persons by clicking here.